Jenny Tay

Where Did Grandpa Go is finally out!

Damien Lau & Zoe Tay

Where Did Grandpa Go? Was finally published. I’m so proud of Darren. It took him 3 years to finally write the story and when I read it, tears welled up in my eyes. 
It’s a simple yet touching story of love beyond worlds. We were very fortunate that these 2 prominent celebrities borrowed our parlour for a drama shoot and we could give them a copy each. 

We launched the book in a small cafe called the Bravery (best coffees by the way) and invited a few friends. 

Darren aread the book and shared the concept behind it. Turns out when darren wrote it, it was paying homage to his own grandpa. 

Unfortunately, bookstores are not willing to sell the book because it is too thin. I had no idea there was such a requirement. As such, we decided to give all our customers each a copy,to help bring closure to them. 

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