Jenny Tay

Chinese Cultural Lesson

Today we were educated in the what it means to be Chinese. As a funeral director, I am well versed in the rites and customs of death. Yet when it came to weddings, I had no idea there were so many things to look out for!

So, just like the end of life, wedding customs are split by Dialect group & the permutations between the guys and girls. Oh my! There are just so many permutations! 

We visited this shop in Chinatown and the auntie was sweet enough to give us a lesson on  the things to look out for. Darren was so excited he specially requested for the red bundle of ribbons to be tied on him when he 过大礼.

It’s these customs that gives us a cultural identity as Chinese people. I’m really motivated to try and keep a record of all these to help preserve our culture, both of life and death. After all, as a custodian of lives, it is my duty. 

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