Jenny Tay

Stop Taking Advantage Of The Bereaved Families!

A friend of mine recently wanted to engage our services, but her relative quoted the family a much cheaper price. While in their bereaved state, my friends’s family chose to engage the relative. 

A week later, she came back to me angry and frustrated. The bill in the end went up to double the initial quote! Her family was at a loss of words. Especially when the service provider was introduced by the relative. Services was slipshod, the food was bad and the whole experience was further ruined when they found out why the relative was pushing so hard for his undertaker: he actually got a cut from the money collected. 

As it turns out, this is actually quite a common story in Singapore. There are many people who claim to provide casket services but actually have no inventory, no staff and no product knowledge. Yet these vultures are just praying on the fact that when people are grieving, they tend to make misinformed choices. 

One of my goals this year is to bring about a change through my own efforts of transparency. To show every customer that upon signing the initial quote, there will not be any hidden costs; to list down every thing in black and white. I hope my efforts can help educate the community that you always have a choice to choose a more reputable service provider. 

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