Jenny Tay

To Make The World A Better Place

we made it to the sunday times!

My dad has always been helping the poor elderly who live by themselves with their afterlife affairs; I thought to myself, why not help them while they are still around? 

Our Mission is simple: no matter how big or small our efforts are, we just want to help make their lives a little better with our acts of kindness. We want to connect volunteers with the elderly who live alone. 

We started Direct Life Foundation to achieve this. As of now we aim to do an event at least once a quarter but we aim to do them monthly!

Our very first event was a free hair cut, hair dye and a Lou hei lunch for the elderly of Marsiling. They were all super happy. My dad dropped by and it was so heartwarming to see the elderly flocking to him, telling him that they want him to help them when their time comes. 

You can see more pictures on our Facebook page and help us by liking the page! Spread the love! 

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