Jenny Tay

Have A Little Respect

Remembering Lee Kuan Yew  Just hours before the turn of an era, the heavens wept. As the sun rose the very next day, a nation mourned. Our founding father has ascended. My father was visibly saddened and tired. He was up the whole night as calls poured in from our hotline to ask about what can be done if anything happens to Mr Lee Kuan Yew.Lee Kuan Yew Tribute Mr Lee Kuan Yew was his hero. He was in fact THE hero of their generation. Gone were the days of the 32 door containers that used to make its rounds picking up the neighbourhood’s excrements. No longer did our grandparents have to rely on kerosene or wood fire. From a plethora of languages, Read more…

Direct Life Foundation 2nd Event!

the residents of metta welfare association

Today we brought out the residents of Metta Welfare Association. These residents are handicapped and bound by wheelchairs hence it is difficult for them to get around or for their families to bring them around. 

We decided to surprise them by bringing them out on an excursion to S.E.A Aquarium! Together with our strength of 100 volunteers, we brought them to see the beautiful marine life. 

We are really proud of our volunteers for being so passionate and patient with the residents. It wasn’t easy getting around but with every one’s efforts, they made it happen. 

It was such a joy to see the smiles blossoming on all their faces. 

happy residents

We look forward to doing more! Next destination: Gardens By The Bay maybe?

Our 2nd Book is out!

Proud Authors Jenny Tay & Darren Cheng

Remember i have always been talking about transparency in my industry? Look! Myself, Darren, Alfred Chia of Singcapital & Rayney Wong of Vision Law LLC have published a book on planning for the end of life. 

With Alfred & Rayney, leaders of their industry
This book includes every thing that you need to know about estate planning, will writing and planning for a funeral. We hope to educate the community on what you need to have, what may be optional, and what are the average industry prices. 

It’s our small effort to bring transparency to our industry and to raise our industry image. 

Get it at popular book store, Kinokuniya or from my company!

our grestest fans and daddy

Stop Taking Advantage Of The Bereaved Families!

A friend of mine recently wanted to engage our services, but her relative quoted the family a much cheaper price. While in their bereaved state, my friends’s family chose to engage the relative. 

A week later, she came back to me angry and frustrated. The bill in the end went up to double the initial quote! Her family was at a loss of words. Especially when the service provider was introduced by the relative. Services was slipshod, the food was bad and the whole experience was further ruined when they found out why the relative was pushing so hard for his undertaker: he actually got a cut from the money collected. 

As it turns out, this is actually quite a common story in Singapore. There are many people who claim to provide casket services but actually have no inventory, no staff and no product knowledge. Yet these vultures are just praying on the fact that when people are grieving, they tend to make misinformed choices. 

One of my goals this year is to bring about a change through my own efforts of transparency. To show every customer that upon signing the initial quote, there will not be any hidden costs; to list down every thing in black and white. I hope my efforts can help educate the community that you always have a choice to choose a more reputable service provider. 

To Make The World A Better Place

we made it to the sunday times!

My dad has always been helping the poor elderly who live by themselves with their afterlife affairs; I thought to myself, why not help them while they are still around? 

Our Mission is simple: no matter how big or small our efforts are, we just want to help make their lives a little better with our acts of kindness. We want to connect volunteers with the elderly who live alone. 

We started Direct Life Foundation to achieve this. As of now we aim to do an event at least once a quarter but we aim to do them monthly!

Our very first event was a free hair cut, hair dye and a Lou hei lunch for the elderly of Marsiling. They were all super happy. My dad dropped by and it was so heartwarming to see the elderly flocking to him, telling him that they want him to help them when their time comes. 

You can see more pictures on our Facebook page and help us by liking the page! Spread the love! 

I Made It As A Cover Girl!

I am so honoured to be featured on the cover of The SME Magazine by business times! I’m really proud that with feature I can bring more attention to my industry and bring it to greater heights! Please grab a copy if you have not!

My Big Day!

Jenny & Darren Weds

I’m finally Mrs Cheng! Actually I’ve known Darren for half my life and today we finally tie the knot. Who knew that the geeky boy next door who became my best friend is also my soul mate. I feel very blessed that I am able to marry my best friend and spend the rest of my life with him. 

My daddy walking me down the isle

My wedding vows are simple:

  1. To always love you and be there for you
  2. To always settle our disputes before bed And never leave them for  he next day
  3. To always take joy with you in the simple things in life like movies at home and digging ears (disgusting I know but extremely therapeutic)
  4. To never forsake you in troubled times and to be your pillar of strength as we ride the waves of life. 

We are so fortunate to have all of our friends and families in our lives who stood by us through thick and thin, especially in our earlier year in the business when we struggled to grow it. 

Melvin Lau of multifolds. he took all out japan photos!
Our sisters and Groomsmen
beautiful shot by the talented Witono Halim


Darren trades all these for me!

Did you know that 过大礼 is the most important aspect of a wedding in the Chinese Culture? Apparently missing out on ingredients will affect the couple’s future lives! Gosh!

Darren and his buddies got together every thing and came to my house! And his very first words were “Uncle & Auntie, 我带着些来换您的女儿!”. I never knew the price of a Daughter is a suckling pig and cans of preserved food 😂. 

*Insert Kungfu sound effect here*
I never knew my dad was so good at carving up pigs. He carved up the pig in no time and we were all enjoying the Super tasty pork. By the way Darren got it from the store at Ubi. He had to queue quite a while for it but it was definitely worth the wait!

Oxley apparently is interested in making a new friend
My beautiful sister Judy ,the best property agent in Singapore!

Whats up yo?

Where Did Grandpa Go is finally out!

Damien Lau & Zoe Tay

Where Did Grandpa Go? Was finally published. I’m so proud of Darren. It took him 3 years to finally write the story and when I read it, tears welled up in my eyes. 
It’s a simple yet touching story of love beyond worlds. We were very fortunate that these 2 prominent celebrities borrowed our parlour for a drama shoot and we could give them a copy each. 

We launched the book in a small cafe called the Bravery (best coffees by the way) and invited a few friends. 

Darren aread the book and shared the concept behind it. Turns out when darren wrote it, it was paying homage to his own grandpa. 

Unfortunately, bookstores are not willing to sell the book because it is too thin. I had no idea there was such a requirement. As such, we decided to give all our customers each a copy,to help bring closure to them. 

Chinese Cultural Lesson

Today we were educated in the what it means to be Chinese. As a funeral director, I am well versed in the rites and customs of death. Yet when it came to weddings, I had no idea there were so many things to look out for!

So, just like the end of life, wedding customs are split by Dialect group & the permutations between the guys and girls. Oh my! There are just so many permutations! 

We visited this shop in Chinatown and the auntie was sweet enough to give us a lesson on  the things to look out for. Darren was so excited he specially requested for the red bundle of ribbons to be tied on him when he 过大礼.

It’s these customs that gives us a cultural identity as Chinese people. I’m really motivated to try and keep a record of all these to help preserve our culture, both of life and death. After all, as a custodian of lives, it is my duty.