Jenny Tay

Jenny Tay

Managing Director of Direct Funeral ServicesHi! I am Jenny Tay, the daughter of Singapore’s philanthropic undertaker Roland Tay and currently I’m managing Direct Funeral Services Pte Ltd. Just a few years ago I was working in an advertising firm and had no idea I would ever step into this industry. When my father’s health started ailing, I decided to make a leap of faith and join him in his business. I realised that funerals isn’t just about death; Its about Life, Customs, Tradition and Love. This blog is for me to help archive my thoughts and learning journey about the funeral industry in Singapore. Hopefully what I learn and share may be helpful to you.

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2 thoughts on “Jenny Tay”

  1. Dear Jenny,

    “Filial piety is the root of (all) virtue and (the stem) out of which grows (all moral) teaching…” Confucius.

    Your filial piety towards your father is touching. I wish you the very best in your professional and personal life.

    Rex Tan

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