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I am featured July’s Herworld!

Jenny Tay Featured in July 2015 copy of Herworld
Jenny Tay Featured in July 2015 copy of Herworld

I am so stoked to be featured in Herworld:’55 Inspiring Millennials’ for their 55th Birthday Edition. No doubt it was a risquĂ© photoshoot, but it was fun to portray a different side of me. Go women power!

Have A Little Respect

Remembering Lee Kuan Yew  Just hours before the turn of an era, the heavens wept. As the sun rose the very next day, a nation mourned. Our founding father has ascended. My father was visibly saddened and tired. He was up the whole night as calls poured in from our hotline to ask about what can be done if anything happens to Mr Lee Kuan Yew.Lee Kuan Yew Tribute Mr Lee Kuan Yew was his hero. He was in fact THE hero of their generation. Gone were the days of the 32 door containers that used to make its rounds picking up the neighbourhood’s excrements. No longer did our grandparents have to rely on kerosene or wood fire. From a plethora of languages, Read more…

Death as a part of life

“In this world, nothing can be said to be constant except Death & Taxes,” Benjamin Franklin, 1789. According to the American Psychological Association one of the most common phobias is Thanatophobia, the fear of death. In my line of work, I have been greeted with all kinds of reactions from people finding out that I work in the death industry. Read more…

Crying Out Loud!

Recently I was featured in a OKTO documentary called Crying Out Loud that talks about the death industry throughout south east asia. Really honoured to be featured in this documentary. When this documentary was filmed, my company was in the midst of transformation. Today we have changed completely in terms of aesthetics to bring more modern wake set ups for family yet retaining the essence of our traditions.

Our Spanking New Site is UP!

I’m so glad that our new website is finally up. Countless nights of revisions and editing. All thanks to our designers DOERS.  Its 2015 and the start of new beginnings. We hope to be able to serve our customers better with a clearer and prettier website.

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