Jenny Tay

Jenny Tay

Managing Director of Direct Funeral ServicesHi! I am Jenny Tay, the daughter of Singapore’s philanthropic undertaker Roland Tay and currently I’m managing Direct Funeral Services Pte Ltd. Just a few years ago I was working in an advertising firm and had no idea I would ever step into this industry. When my father’s health started ailing, I decided to make a leap of faith and join him in his business. I realised that funerals isn’t just about death; Its about Life, Customs, Tradition and Love. This blog is for me to help archive my thoughts and learning journey about the funeral industry in Singapore. Hopefully what I learn and share may be helpful to you.

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One thought on “Jenny Tay”

  1. hi Jenny…I really love your piece on respect for LKY. Am wondering…do u do any free lance writing? If u do…I would love meeting up with you to discuss a project I’m working on.

    Anyways…thanks for the article.

    Marcus savage

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