Jenny Tay

Top 8 Signs Of A Fly-by-night Operator

ChrysenthemumHere are more pointers on how to spot  spot fly-by-night operators

  1. They do not wear a uniform when they approach you
  2. Their vehicles are unmarked or they use a magnetic label on the vehicle
  3. They pass you poorly printed / badly designed name cards
  4. Their name cards only have a handphone number. No address / website / land line
  5. They introduce their packages using a folder with no company name
  6. They would tell you “no hidden costs” when there are quite a bit
  7. Their price offerings are incredibly reasonable.
  8. They do not allow you to their “office”
  9. They are not in the funeral directors listing by the NEA

For the list of reliable companies, you can visit the list of funeral directors by NEA or you could visit my website here

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