Jenny Tay


Darren trades all these for me!

Did you know that 过大礼 is the most important aspect of a wedding in the Chinese Culture? Apparently missing out on ingredients will affect the couple’s future lives! Gosh!

Darren and his buddies got together every thing and came to my house! And his very first words were “Uncle & Auntie, 我带着些来换您的女儿!”. I never knew the price of a Daughter is a suckling pig and cans of preserved food 😂. 

*Insert Kungfu sound effect here*
I never knew my dad was so good at carving up pigs. He carved up the pig in no time and we were all enjoying the Super tasty pork. By the way Darren got it from the store at Ubi. He had to queue quite a while for it but it was definitely worth the wait!

Oxley apparently is interested in making a new friend
My beautiful sister Judy ,the best property agent in Singapore!

Whats up yo?

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